Ancient (i.e. pre-Java) History

Since molecular construction and editing are indispensable for chemical information systems, and in 1994 no such tool was available for the WWW, we decided to develop our own WWW-based molecular editor. This editor was based on a clickable map.
The editor enabled easy construction of organic molecules by adding / connecting atoms, bonds, rings and functional groups. The user could choose the desired action from the menu, and then pick the appropriate place on the drawing area. All of the actual processing was done in the background on the server, where the coordinates of picked point were sent. The program running there performed the requested changes and returned a gif image of the modified structure. The disadvantage of this approach was, that the program required a new connection to the server for each structural change.
Creation of molecules was easy, and this simple web editor become quite popular among chemists who used it.
This editor become direct inspiration for the Grins web editor developed later at Daylight.

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