JME Molecular Editor

Installation Instructions

Incorporation of the JME applet into an HTML page

Recommended HTML code is

<applet code="JME.class" name="JME" archive="JME.jar" width="360" height="335">
<param name="options" value="list of keywords">
Enable Java in your browser !

If you are updating from an older version of JME please note that you have to change to JME.jar in the applet's archive tag.

You can modify width and height parameters according to your requirements, or to add the codebase parameter.
The warning "Enable Java ..." appears only when Java is not enabled in the users web browser.

By using the parameter "options" you can modify some editor features by placing respective keywords into the value field. See description of function JME.options() for a list of recognized options.
The parameter tag may look for example like this
<param name="options" value="query,nohydrogens">

If you want to start the applet directly with a molecule in it, you can do this by providing one of the following lines in the applet tag:
<param name="jme" value="molecule in the jme format">
<param name="mol" value="MDL mol file or rxn file">

When supplying MDL file as a parameter, it is necessary to add the | character at the end of each line (HTML removes newline characters and without | the JME mol parser would not be able to process the file correctly).
Another possibility is to read a molecule by JME functions readMolecule or readMolFile, launched by the onLoad event handler.
Both these possibilities are illustrated in example3.
When using MDL mol or rxn files as function parameters, take care to respect exactly the MDL mol/rxn file format conventions.

Capabilities of JME may be enhanced by additional JavaScript code. It is possible to add a substituent menu or a code that automatically loads recently edited molecule when a page with JME is revisited.

The JME editor is able to run also as an application (in a standalone mode without a browser) provided you have Java runtime environment available. Start the program with
java -jar JME.jar "list of keywords"